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Traffic Law: $50 Traffic Tickets

Anytime you get a traffic ticket, it is a nuisance; it creates an unexpected expense and demands time that many people do not have in their busy lives. They also have longer-lasting effects such as increasing insurance premiums and staying on your permanent record. Some traffic violations, such as driving while suspended or driving while revoked, require a loss of a driver's license. Even seemingly minor traffic tickets can lead to a license suspension for drivers who have accumulated too many points. For people with commercial driver's licenses (CDL), the consequences could impact their livelihood by making them ineligible to drive for their jobs. Although traffic tickets may seem like no big deal, consult with a traffic ticket attorney to learn more about the consequences of pleading guilty to the charge.

At The Hammon Law Firm, the traffic violation attorneys are knowledgeable about Missouri traffic laws and can properly advice you of your rights. They handle all types of traffic violations, including speeding tickets, stop sign violations, running red light tickets, careless and imprudent driving, DUI/DWI, illegal lane changes, leaving the scene of an accident, driving while suspended, driving while revoked, driving without a license, and driving without insurance.

Moreover, the firm's traffic attorneys understand the nuisance traffic tickets cause. They will help ease the stress these tickets cause by working to keep the points off your record and by keeping costs down. In fact, they will handle most traffic tickets for $50.00.

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