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Protection Orders

Harassment, stalking, and abuse occur frequently throughout many communities. One way to help stop these occurrences is to file for an ex-parte order preventing another person or persons from continuing the inappropriate behavior. If the court grants an ex-parte order, the court will subsequently hold a hearing to determine whether it should enter a full order of protection. Under Missouri law, adults can file for an order of protection against other adults, in which case it is an adult abuse action, and adults can also file on behalf of children against other persons, in which case it is a child protection order action.

Filing an ex-parte can be done without an attorney, but it is advisable to get a lawyer because they know order of protection law and specifically the actions that need to be pleaded to succeed on an ex-parte petition. If the Court holds a hearing on the matter, an attorney should be strongly considered because they know what to prove to succeed and, equally important, the rules of evidence. When people proceed without knowledge of the rules of evidence, it is quite possible evidence that should not be heard will come into evidence because it is not objected to.

The Hammon Law Firm handles dozens of ex-parte's, adult abuse actions, and child protection actions each year. Whether the allegations include child abuse or neglect, verbal assaults, or continuous, harassing phone calls, we can help put a stop to the inappropriate behavior. Conversely, we defend against orders of protection claims by challenging claims that do not have merit.

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