Personal Injury

    Personal Injury and Workers' Compensation

    Personal injury and workers' compensation cases can be filed when an individual's or an entity's action causes injury to another person. The cases can be based on various causes of action, such as a slip and fall in premises liability cases, surgical errors or misdiagnoses in medical malpractice cases, designing or manufacturing a product inadequately in products liability cases, negligence in a car accident, or wrongful death. The injuries also vary, such as eye injuries, burns, and broken bones.

    At The Hammon Law Firm, our personal injury attorneys understand the impact events that result in injury can have on individuals and their friends and family. They are sympathetic to the injuries and to the situation the injuries placed people in. We are familiar with Missouri's personal injury laws, and we make every effort possible to enforce your rights. Most importantly, we will work diligently to achieve the best possible outcome for you. Additionally, we routinely refer personal injury cases to other attorneys.

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