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Guardianships and adoptions can easily be confused with each other. A guardianship falls short of an adoption in that guardians do not obtain the legal rights and obligations that adoptive parents obtain. Rather, they serve as the decision-makers for those who cannot make decisions on their own, such as elderly people or minor children if their parents are unfit or unable to care for them. Their obligation is to make decisions that are in the person's best interests.

In most cases, relatives seek to have a guardian appointed for an elderly family member or minor child. Guardianships are often contested, so there are also times where a family member desires to have the court remove a guardian. Although guardianships most often involve relatives, it is not necessary to be a relative to be appointed as a guardian. No matter what the situation is, The Hammon Law Firm can help establish, terminate, modify or contest a guardianship. Our knowledge and experience allows us to properly advise clients of their rights and pursue their desires in court.

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